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Smoke Free Cabin Solutions From Scandinavia 

Models  SF LINE: SF4000 - SF6000 / SF Forum

For Meeting Spaces That Require A High Capacity

QleanAir Cabinscapture, clean and purify air using a high tech filtering system before recycling it back into the greater environment. These models are developed with all environmental aspects and a sustainable development in mind. These roomy models take the SF line's best features and combine it with an even larger, but yet slender and space saving solution. A solution for places where many people meet and there is a need for handling many smokers at the same time.

Suitable for:

- Modern office space
- Areas with frequent customer traffic
- Places where functionality and aesthetics are required
- Meeting points, communications areas, call centers, and kitchens
- Areas where there is limited space
Qlean Air Cabin Functions

Air Purification - How it works

Smoke Free QleanAir Scandinavia is a unique air purification system. Our smoke free air purification system creates a completely smoke and odor free environment.

This is how it works:


A smoke free environment can only be created if the smoke is captured before it spreads. This is achieved by creating high airflows, which draw the smoke in the desired direction into the filter.


When purifying tobacco smoke it is essential to ensure that even the smallest particles are eliminated. Our patented filters catch 100% of tobacco specific gases and particles. Regular maintenance guarantees that this level of filtration is maintained.


Recommended by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, our unique smell and fireproof ash handling system handles the disposal of ash and cigarette ends.

All you need is a power outlet!